Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

338.Living Correctly

The people of China say that Li is the Grand Void. This means that God is an immense space and contains all particular essences. This space leaves nothing empty. This space was developed thoroughly by  Confucius. Thus, Chinese say that God is everywhere and everything is in God. All of my books agree with China's Grand Void. So, the Chinese  and I must reject most physical scientists, Isaac Newton, and all atheists.

Physical scientists and atheists are quiet about their rejection of God.  They challenged my first book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God' for more than a year. I never heard them again. A debate between Gottfried Leibniz and Isaac Newton on the meaning of 'space' was also avoided by the empiricists of England. (click)  But,when 'space' was united with 'time' by physical scientists, these godless scientists say that the universe had a beginning and will have an end.

I have rejected the godless universe of the physical scientists in all of my books because I found that all created souls became functionally related and were moved by the least action of of God. But Gottfried Leibniz also rejected the space that was defined by the physical scientists and the atheists.  To Leibniz, space is not a substance, which has parts. Thus, Leibniz says that space orders all things that coexist. Thus, all things  depend on God every moment.  So, Leibniz says that the universe has a pre-established harmony.

If physical scientists, atheists, and other Americans do not become godly, I say that very big wars will come into existence before the sun darkens, as Jesus spoke at Matt. 24. Since God is absolutely perfect, I say that our heaven and earth is always perfect even when the sun darkens. So, we must learn how to live correctly rather than learning how to live only on wealth.


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