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Sunday, November 16, 2014

693. Why The Money System or Capitalism Must Be Changed

John Locke's book on The Second Treatise of Government must be limited to Chapter I and II at this time. (click), (click), (click) His book must be limited because ancient religious scriptures are being challenged and knowledge of God acts, the universe, and heaven& are still unknown.

Chapter II of Locke's book identifies two states of nature as follows: state of perfect freedom and state of equality. But, in Chapter I, Locke says that Adam has no authority over children and has no dominion over the world. So, Locke is challenging the Old Testament.

In Chapter II, Locke says that a nation's people must live together in the state of equality. The founders of the USA accepted the state of equality. In order to define USA equalities, the founders defined two paragraphs of equalities in the Declaration of Independence (DOI). And on Dec. 15, 1791 the Bill of Rights was also defined.

Since the DOI and other nations say that all Men are created equal, all Americans have been secured by a U.S. military system. I say that this security would be unnecessary if all nations became high performance or a nearly perfect state of equalities. Unfortunately, the British System of Economy, which is used mostly by rich humans, must be limit in every nation so that new equalities can be developed. So, I say that the development high performance economies of the American System of Economy must be installed in every nation.(click) Thus, the world money system or capitalism must be changed in order to produce new equalities for all humans. If these changes are not made not, many different wars can be expected to grow.

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