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Monday, November 17, 2014

694.Movies Reveal Unequal Humans In Nations

In 1958, an intelligent movie maker taught John Locke's book on The Second Treatise of Government to many students. In this movie, one character is a person who is perfectly free.  And a second character is an opposing person who becomes part of a nation and its lawful government.

The scene was in the young West.  In the early West, good and bad humans existed. The name of this movie is Gunman's Walk.  The scene had many honest and ugly families.  So the scene had three major characters, a Father and two son's. (click) Tab Hunter plays the role of the grown son, who became perfectly free.  His brother plays the role of a person who is not free and accept all laws. In the movie, the Father must eventually struggle with the nasty behavior of the free son and his son's gun. At the end, the Father had to shoot his free Son.

Governments of nations must make all people equal. In the USA, for example, money debt is forcing humans to reduce their security of a military system, a health care system, an educational system, a work system, etc.. If nations do not become equal. new wars, terrorism, and crime will develop.  So unequal humans must identified in a developing nation.

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