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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

712. Equalities Of Nations and Spirits Are Necessary

For million of years, nations were unknown and did not exist for a long time. Then, groups of families came into existence. These groups became unequal because natural and geographical differences existed. As time passed, these groups became very different because leaders began to teach different theories of God and the universe.

Eventually, the new subject of eschatology appeared. Some religions and some sciences concluded that the universe had a beginning and has an end. In time, information about the beginning and the end became a part of theology. These theologians started to identify final events of history and the destiny of humans.

However, Plato learned that the teaching of eschatology is false. In his Parmenides Dialogue, Plato shows us that if one is, one being it is always making a better universe. Thus, if God is one, God is making a universe that continues to grow forever. However, physical scientists and atheists say that a Big Bang exploded and caused the universe. The universe of the physical scientists and the atheists say that the universe had a beginning and has an end. So, who is right?

On the universe in general, physical scientists and atheists say that the geometry of space. time, and matter in the universe depend only on the science of physics because God does not exist. On the other hand, godly people throughout our planet say that space, time, and matter depend only on the principle of the greater and least action of God. These actions were applied by Kepler.

It is time to make all nations a and spirits equal as possible because physical scientists and atheists will never be able to prove their belief that God does not exist

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