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Thursday, June 11, 2015

796. Indivisibles and Divisibles

As I stated before, Ben Franklin was sent to Europe periodically by the American colonists in order to learn the Industrial Revolution and the new sciences that appeared in the 18th century. The industrial revolution and these new sciences were saying that human life continues forever because the universe is a continuum. When Ben was able to present what is happening in Europe, the colonists decided to separate themselves from England on July 4, 1776.

One of the greatest science of the 18th century in Europe was the concepts of indivisible and divisible. Instead of using these two concepts as either/or logic, new scientists, such as Galileo, were saying that the concepts of indivisible and divisible unites God and the universe forever. So, beginning in the 15th century, logical thinking in the Cicero courts were being challenged. So, by the 18th century Gottfried Leibniz was challenging all logical concepts. To understand the changes in the 18th century, I suggest the writings of Leibniz: Philosophical Writings from page. 115-132,  (click)
Thus, when Ben Franklin traveled to Europe from 1766 to 1776, he learned the new sciences of an indivisible God, the indivisible human souls, and the divisible things of the universe. In Ben's autobiography in 1790, Ben tells us about the indivisible God and the divisible things of the universe. For example, Ben tells us about the indivisible or immortality of the human souls. And, Ben tells us that he doubts the divinity of Jesus. So, the separation of USA from England was an act of all Americans because the colonists accepted all of Ben's conclusions.

God is One or indivisible. The indivisible souls are called Little Gods. The Little Gods have souls and have minds that are made in the image of God. Essentially, the indivisibles and the divisible things will change the teachings of the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Qur'an. Furthermore, since atoms have parts, the universe is not made from atoms, as many scientists say.

Unfortunately, many scientific colleges and universities of the world are unaware of indivisibles. Thus, colleges do not accept God and the souls of humans. Instead of talking about indivisibles, these schools support capitalism, international competition, evolutionary theory, and absolute freedom. Thus, in the USA, colleges and universities support the development of very rich and very poor humans only because they do not know how the indivisibles and the divisible things work in the universe.

Unfortunately, many political Americans donot accept all of Ben's conclusions. These political Americans are rejecting Ben's statement of the indivisible or immortalities of all human souls. This rejection is bringing evolutionary theory, capitalism, world competition, and unequal nations into the U.S. congress.

The growth of atheism and drugs in the USA is a major error.

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