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Monday, May 11, 2015

786. The USA Is Being Developed Mostly By Rich People

Today, I close my thoughts about the new actions of the people of Baltimore and the people of other cities. In general, I conclude that the people of these cities are not moving their lives forward under God, as the laws of the Declaration of Independence (DOI) require. Instead of building a nation of 'one People,' different races, such as rich and poor families, white and black Americans, redskin Indians, etc. are being identified.

Races began to develop after President Lincoln was killed. After Lincoln was dead, the republican and democratic parties started to define the USA differently than the DOI and Lincoln did. The very different presidential persons were as follows: Grant (R,8), Hayes (R,4), Garfield (R,1), Arthur (R,3),  Cleveland (D,4),  Harrison (R,4),  Cleveland (D,4), McKinley (R,4), T. Roosevelt  (R,8), Taft (R,4), Wilson (D,8), Harding (R,2), Coolidge (R,6), Hoover (R,4) and F. Roosevelt.(D,12). Republicans controlled the USA for 48 years and democrats controlled the USA for 28 years, from Grant through FDR.

Most Americans separated themselves from England for reasons defined mostly by Ben Franklin, John Locke, and Gottfried Leibniz. Many Americans would no longer live under any King or Queen. Before Queen Anne died, her grandmother wanted Leibniz to govern England and America under a new God, a new mathematics (calculus), new sciences, and a new  endless universe, in which all humans are reborn continually by God. Further, the industrial revolution in Europe started in 1760. (click) And, Ben Franklin became a member of the Royal Society of Sciences at Gottingen University, Germany in 1766.

However, after Leibniz died the European industrial revolution progressed. But, when Teddy Roosevelt became president in the USA, he did not accept the U.S. manufacturing system suggested by J.P. Morgan, who studied the European industrial revolution at Gottingen University. (click)  So, in 1913, Morgan died and a national manufacturing system died. Instead, WWI began in Europe. (click) The USA entered the WWI in 1917. (click) Only twenty-one years would pass before the global war (WWII) would start in Europe by Hitler, who accepted Darwin's evolutionary theory. (click)  Another new race in Germany was identified wrongly. Yet, many Germans came to America in the 1820s to dig hard coal for Ben Franklin's stoves. These German Americans families are still in the USA.

After FDR died of WWII, the following presidents developed:  Truman (D,8), Eisenhower (R,8), Kennedy (D,2), Johnson D,6), Nixon (R,5), Ford (R,3), Carter (D,4), Reagan (R,8), Bush (R,4), Clinton (D,8), Bush , Jr. (R,8), and Obama (D,8).

After WWII came to the end in 1945, the men and women of the war finished their collegical work and went to work.  However. a Cold War  developed in the 1950s between Europe, Russia, and the USA. (click)  In the 1950s, a war also developed between the USA and Korea. The USA needed tungsten material to make light bulbs for all U.S. homes. (click)  In the 195-s, Russia built the Sputnik spacecraft and sent it into space on Oct. 4, 1957. To stay with Russia, American astronauts landed on the moon on June 20, 1969.  However, in the 1960s, drug use and crime was growing in the USA. As the 1970's was coming, double-digit inflation came. This inflation rocked the boat of the U.S. economy badly. Many Americans lost their jobs and many Americans killed themselves.

In his second term, President Nixon, turned the U.S. economy to President Lincoln's American Economic System.  This economy was presented by Henry Clay in 1832. (click)   I represented the U.S. Department of Justice and listened to Nixon's new economy. Unfortunately, Nixon was forced to retire and President Ford only gave WIN inflation buttons (Whip Inflation Now) to people.

President Carter found peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development. Ronald Reagan became a president in order to solve the inflation problem. But, he  could only knock down the wall in Berlin. From President George Bush in 1989 to President Obama in 2015, only the national debt grows and grows.

As seen, the USA was never developed as the DOI says..  The people of the USA were never developed as the DOI says.  Instead, many persons in the U.S. Congress say that the DOI has no laws. Here is how the USA is improperly developed.


  • At 7:21 AM, Anonymous nephew Jack said…

    Finally we agree on something. Political parties are pawns. Obama was elected by the Bilderberg Group and I told you this years ago, but you wanted to blame the entire republican party. Bilderberg group Obama would cause racial unrest to try and take down America. These wealthy people are crazy and bored to think they can ruin the oldest democracy. Many people are armed and plan on fighting for this country including me if I'm still alive.


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