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Friday, April 17, 2015

778. It Is Time To Develop One World Language, One World Religion, One World Science, and One God.

Symbols will be found in the languages of all nations, all religions, all schools of colleges and universities, all economies, all social systems, all laws, all governments, etc. because in the minds of all humans, symbols are used and given meanings. Sometime the meanings of symbols are good and other times the meanings of symbols are bad.

For instance, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are not developing symbols and giving them precise meanings. Instead, in order to expand the number of followers of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the leaders of these three religions have developed three unique languages. In these languages, symbols of human behaviors are given meanings. But teachings of many scientific symbols are not included in the unique language of Christianity. For instance, Galileo's sciences are hidden by Christian leaders. Nor does the Old Testament teach the scientific meaning of God's 'rest' at Genesis 2:2.'  Further, Muhammad was a follower of Jesus through Nestorius.  Why doesn't Islam define Muhammad's teachings of the sciences of Jesus?  These unique languages impeded the development of science until the 20th century opened.

In religions, Jews developed a unique language with the Old Testament by Moses and other writers; the Christians developed a unique Greek language with the New Testament by Jesus, four disciples, and other writers; and the Muslims developed a unique language with the Qur'an by Muhammad's brother and a few crafty Jews. Since these three religions have developed unique religious languages. To developed these unique languages, these three religions developed a money systems, crimes, wars, and terrorism and will not come together until they learn that their unique languages must develop precise meanings of symbols that define God and the universe correctly.

Also, different sciences are not coming together to develop precise meanings of symbols that define God and the universe correctly. Some sciences reject God and say that the universe comes to an end. And other sciences accept God and believe that the universe never ends. These oppositions in science have developed because the meanings of symbols are not precise.

Thus, all world nations, all religions, and all sciences must come together so that the meanings of symbols can be defined properly. Isn't it time to develop a one world language, a one world religion, a one world science, and one God?

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