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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

773. The Four Religions of Christianity

Today, four different religions exist in Christianity. The first real religion appeared in 325AD by Christians who developed the Trinitarian God, the Theotokos (click), and The Nicene Creed. The second religion was developed by Nestorius (386–450). Nestorianism emphasizes the disunion between the human and divine natures of Jesus. (click) The third religion was developed by the Western Christian churches, which rejected the Roman Catholic Church. The fourth religion was developed by Ben Franklin and the founders of the USA. They doubted the divinity of Jesus. These four different religions are evaluated by me.

The debate between Nestorianism and the Theotokos is very clear. Nestorianism is saying that all humans are completely different than God. The Theotokos seems to say that Jesus lived in Greece for 18 years and returned to the Jews to teach Greek theology, science and human behaviors. My studies about Jesus agree with many Greek teachings. But, the Theotokos says that Greek words mean that the God-bearer or Birth-giver is a person, who is the Virgin Mary. The Theotokos says that the Virgin Mary conceived Jesus with power of the Holy Spirit. (click). Thus, the Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus, who is a Son of God and is the Word of God. The Word of God is the words of logic in  Greece. (click) The Virgin Mary was cared for by her betrothed husband, Joseph. The Orthodox Church holds that the birth of Jesus was also miraculous and left Mary's virginity intact as a sign; it is also the tradition of the Church that Joseph and Mary did not have relations after the birth of Jesus. Mary is also called Panagia, the 'All-Holy,' indicating her closeness to God in her obedience. Thus, Nestorianism rejects completely the concept of the Virgin Mary. I also reject the Virgin Mary because all finite things have no relations to the infinity of God

The third religion of the Western Christian churches rejected the Roman Catholic Church.  But the Western Christian churches eliminate the power of the popes of the Roman Catholic Church. So, the Western Christian Churches are following the Trinitarian God, the Theotokos (click), and The Nicene Creed.

The fourth religion, which was developed by Ben Franklin and the other founders, is thus accepting Nestorianism and the thoughts of Muhammad because they doubt the divinity of Jesus and brought the government of John Locke to the USA..

Since I prove scientifically that God is unknown in my first book, So, I say that the Trinitarian God, the Theotokos (click), and The Nicene Creed are developing a false religion. Since I conclude scientifically that humans can never develop the infinity of God, I accept Nestorianism, the thoughts of Muhammad, an the Declaration of the Independence (DOI). But, I do not accept the U.S. government and recommend that it be abolished and reinstituted.

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