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Thursday, March 19, 2015

764. Being Reborn In A Greater Kingdom

While the U.S. corporations and the U.S. government continue to reduce the rights of the people of the USA, some people of the USA are not developing their minds properly and are violating the laws of the Declaration of Independence (DOI) and the Constitution. Some of these people are even becoming criminals and drug users or are not searching for work or education. Even many U.S. TV programs are not developing the minds of people. As I said yesterday, the U.S. corporations and the criminals and drug users have become troublesome because they are unaware of God's continuous work to make a gorgeous universe that has no end.

These troublesome Americans do not know that God is giving people a new body and life after they die. So, when a drug user or a president of an American corporation dies, the drug user or the president of a corporation will be reborn in a different nation. Today, these different nations and their people have become unequal. Many of these unequal nations are even unfriendly. When God learns that humans are unfriendly and humans make war-machines, God knows immediately that these unfriendly humans are not developing their minds properly and that these humans have developed 'least minds' and are not ready to be reborn in a 'greater' kingdom of heaven. Jesus teaches these least and greater kingdoms at Matt. 5:19.

I expect my soul to be reborn in a greater kingdom of heaven after this life because my three books below lifted my mind upward and forward. My analysis of the leaders of nations and the humans of these nations says that some of these leaders and humans will also receive a new life in a greater kingdom. The souls of all other leaders and humans will be reborn on planet earth in a different nation.

Since humans can never know their prior lives, equal nations and equal humans must be developed in order to see greater kingdoms. Thus, kings, queens, dictators, war-machines leaders, rich people, etc. must be eliminated on planet earth. To fight for unequal humans and unequal nations and to fight against socialism is to live and die in the same kingdom of heaven.

To think that you might live forever with God after you die once, your thoughts are not scientific.

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