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Saturday, February 28, 2015

755. Somet Detail Thoughts On Equal Nations

If nations do not become equal, free trading will continue and wars, terrorism, crimes, and drug use will grow. Thus, if we want to stop wars, terrorism, crimes and drug, nations must become equal,

Today, movies are saying that human life is coming to the end. (click) I disagree. Such ends seem to appear in America (click) and in Russia. (click) However, to make Ukraine and Russia equal led to political murder in Russia (click) This murder in Russia was very similar to the murder of President Kennedy. Thus, I say that all people must think deeply about God and the universe. If this thinking occurs, the people of every nations will want to live in equal nations.

Free trading ruined rural America and is ruining every nation throughout the world. Thus, on holidays, many people must leave their home to be with their parents for a few days. Instead of building beautiful cities in towns throughout the USA, the free trading economics system has forced workers to leave the place where they were born by God. Essentially, free trading has busted most families. This busting was illegal according to the Declaration of Independence (DOI) because all people in the USA are equal.

However, free trading is not a necessary system for any nation. Free trading is unnatural because it makes some people very rich and makes other people very poor. But, if all nations become equal, all people will become equal or natural.

To build nations and the USA correctly, I suggest that the American Economic System by Henry Clay be used. (click), (click) This means that a world money system must be eliminated, full employment is necessary, and races do not exist. Join my thoughts.

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1. The First Scientific Proof of God (2006), 271 pages, (click)
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