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Sunday, February 22, 2015

751. All Nations Are In Trouble

Even though many nations exist and have a government, the development of laws under God is not being developed properly, such as the one People of the USA. This statement is true about the USA because its laws are not being developed properly. Fortunately, the U.S founders made two laws, which can be fixed.  But, in a response to me from Senator Rockefeller in  March 26, 2008 on the subject of the  Declaration of Independence (DOI), the senator says, 'While the Declaration of Independence is not considered law, throughout our nation's history, it has been looked upon by the Supreme Court in order to frame the historical context of legal and constitutional issues.' This response changed the founding of the DOI.

In the DOI, the founders distinguished the laws of the DOI from the laws of the government. These two laws are different because the DOI laws are higher than the laws of the government. These different laws will cause any nation to move forward.

I say that the DOI laws must focus on the development of the things-in-themselves that God is making. And, I say that the laws of the government must focus on the development of phenomena that we are making through Congress. However, I conclude that the States of the USA have never moved the one People forward with the DOI laws. Only the U.S. government has moved the one People forward with phenomena of the government.

Although the U.S founders made two different laws, with the DOI and the Constitution, the States in the USA never abolished government and never reinstituted government. Since the States of the USA became inactive for 239 years, the one People of the USA was developed wrongly as a nation of rich and poor people. This development is wrong because it does not develop the forward motion of nation of one People. If other nations have also made only one law, the development of one People in all nations will not move forward..

If a nation does not move forward with two laws, I say that God will be lost and the minds of its people will become very strange. The forward motion under God is only possible by human souls or minds. Thus, all nations must stop trade agreements and must become equal. Robert Reich, a Syndicated Colonists, agrees and shows 'How trade deals boost rich, bust the rest.; .

As seen, my thoughts are moving deeper and deeper into science on God and His universe.

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