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Saturday, February 07, 2015

743. The Infinities And Our Minds

I have spent about a week of research on the concept of the infinity. Today, I have concluded that the minds of humans are not being developed properly because religions and political parties do not know or understand the concept of infinity.

For example, when Pope Benedict XVI began to lead the catholic church, he said that 'the infinite' must be studied. But, the catholic church still does not know anything about the infinity. Even the Protestants, Jews, and Muslims do not know anything about the infinity because they expect to go to heaven after they die.

On the continuum of the universe, Georg Cantor says that Thomas Aquinas walked away from the infinity by saying that the universe consists neither of an infinitely many nor a finite number of parts, but of no parts at all. On these ugly words by Aquinas, I had to conduct studies again on the work of Georg Cantor and Donald Hatch Andrews on the infinity.

In Cantor's 1883 paper on 'Grundlager', two different infinities are identified. In his paper, Cantor defines two infinities. One infinity is the non-genuine-infinite and the other infinity is the genuine-infinite. The non-genuine-infinite is the mathematical infinite, which is principally concerned with the meaning of variable magnitudes, that either grow beyond all limits or diminishes to an arbitrary smallness, and always remain finite.

On page 222 of my first book. page 152 of my second book, and page 130 of my third book, I show two genuine-infinities and 'determinate infinities.' On one determinate s plane, I show the reality of a filter, which man has made. On this s plane, I show the reality of an oscillator that man has made.

The non-genuine-infinity is our work to increase our understanding of God and the genuine infinity is our work to improve our lives. Thus, when man makes as automobile, man is able to count the number of parts in the automobile. However, when God creates a universe, only God will know the number of parts that exist in the universe.

Donald Hatch Andrews says that we must study the music and vibrations of things that God made and the music and vibrations of the things that man is making. Thus, I say that all nations, all political parties, and all human lives must become equal.

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