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Friday, January 30, 2015

738. More on Donald Hatch Andrews

The book, The Symphony of Life, by Donald Hatch Andrews is the most important book in my home. At, some used books are available. (click)  But, I conclude that his book is now more useful than any ancient scripture. So Andrews book should republished for every home because the universe will never end or be completed. To hold only ancient scriptures in homes, the minds of our children and families will not develop any new life. The Contents of Andrews book are as follows:

The Nature of the Universe
1. The Unseen and the Unheard
2. The Universe of Particles
3. The Universe of Music
4. The Quest for Meaning

The Nature of Music
1. The Music of the String
2. The Music of the Drum
3. The Music of the Bell
4. The Meaning of Music

The Nature of Life
1. The Structure of Life
2. The Dynamism of Life
3. The Unity of Life
4. The Meaning of Life

The Nature of Man
1. The Structure of Man
2. The Dynamism of Man
3. The Unity of Man
4. The Meaning of Man 

The Nature of the Universe
1. The Structure of the Universe
2. The Dynamism of the Universe
3. The Unity of the Universe
4. The Meaning of the Universe

Andrews says that our lives will never ens.  So, when he closes his book he says   'Let us stand  firmly on the quarterdeck of our ship; let us grasp the helm;  and let us confidently set our course for the Harmony of Harmonies, for the Infinity of Infinities, for the Unity of Unities.'  Since Andrews is telling everyone that the universe has no end, I do not know why atheists exist. I also do not understand why religions teach the same ancient scriptures when new ideas are always emerging.


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