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Sunday, January 25, 2015

733. The Two Major Theories of the Universe

For many years, physical scientists have limited their minds to mathematics. So, they no longer talk to people who are trying to make new equal nations and making a new world government. Physicists have reduced their talks to these other people because they believe that humans came from a Big Bang and atoms and that humans are materialists because God does not exist. So, when parents send their children to colleges and universities and their children want to become physicists, the children will become godless thinkers, even though an ancient theory of God and the universe is growing fast today. Below, I show why physicists will teach our children the wrong theory of the universe today.

In the Monadology of Gottfried, Leibniz, who is a walking encyclopedia, says (at statement 78) that souls and bodies follow their own laws and that God established a harmony of all substances. Furthermore, in his Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences, Galileo says that the parts of all bodies are infinite in number and are built with an infinite number of indivisibles.

The physical scientists reject the Law of Harmonies (click) that Johannes Kepler identified in his book, Johannes Kepler. Mysterium Cosmographicum, The Secret of the Universe. Physicists reject Kepler's third law because they believe that 'space and time ' are defined by a prior knowledge and not by human experiences. Thus, physicists become followers of Albert Einstein, who says that 'time' of the universe begins at t = 0 and ends when only heat energy remains. I say that Einstein's theory of space and time is wrong.

For example, if a yardstick is cut into halves continually, the last cut will never be found and identified because the parts of a yardstick are created by an infinite number of cuts. In his correspondence with Samuel Clark, the disciple of Isaac Newton, Leibniz says that space and time are defined by God and our experiences and reasoning. Space is the order of co-existences and that time is formed the order of successions. (Successions mean the order of sequences.)

Thus, the concepts of space and time has developed two very different theories of the universe. Physicists, atheists, and regions say that universe has a beginning and an end. But, these religions say that this universe has a God. and the physicists and atheists say that there is no God. The second theory of the universe has been developing for thousands of years by a smaller number of humans. These humans are saying that the universe had no beginning and has no end. because God and the universe (or co-existences) were always existing. This togetherness of God and the universe is a major breakthrough by modern thinkers.

Today's children of the parents in all nations must force colleges and universities to teach both theories of the universe. One theory of the universe is godless whereas the other theory of the universe is godly. Above, I have shown these two very different theories.

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