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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

730. Last Evening, Republicans and Democrats Show Their Differences

Last evening at Congress, the difference between the Republicans and Democrats was presented. After President Obama showed his new thoughts for the Democrats, Joni Ernst  (click), a new Senator from Iowa, showed her new thoughts for the Republicans on Fox-TV. Obama's major thought would increase the number of children in colleges by increasing the taxes of the rich people. And Ernst's major thought increase free trade with nations by decreasing Americas health care costs. Free trading became a negative after the colonists separated themselves from England.  This separation led to slavery in the South in order to sell cotton to England.  Free trade was wrong to those founders who wanted to build the USA. So Ernst's Republican thought was mainly free trading

Based on my research, it is clear that the Democrats and Republicans do not consider God's acts and do not consider God's rebirth of His souls. If these political parties would consider God's acts and rebirths, their minds would become very different and would developing equal nations and equal souls throughout this planet. By making nations equal, free trade becomes eliminated.

Godly people, who recognize the above equalities and live in foreign nations, should help me teach Americans of their ungodly thoughts.

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