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Sunday, January 04, 2015

722. U.S. Conservatives Know Math But Do Not Knowr God's Acts and the Symbols of the Universe

Capitalism is a concept that not connecting God, the universe, and the Spirits under God and His acts. I conclude that the assassination of President Lincoln opened the development of capitalism with the development of a poor one-sided economy and the development of poor lives of many Spirits.

Capitalism did not develop in the USA until President Lincoln was assassinated, the WWI came, and a terrible capitalism appeared. For instance, when I was born in 1929, the mechanical engineer, Herbert Hoover, became president and said that capitalism is a natural economy of God. But another depression came and Roosevelt became President in 1933. He held the White House until 1945.

Apparently, data on capitalism began to be recorded in1913, as Dr.SteveB shows three important figures in 2010. (click) Click) On capitalism, Dr.SteveB, tells Obama 'that its hard to change the supply-side economy after 30 years of President Ronald Reagan. In a comment to Dr.SteveB, a person says that 'Conservatives are engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy ... the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.'

In developing capitalism, conservatives name capitalism as a supply-side economy. The one People are never identified in capitalism. The supply-side economy is simply a macro-economy that functions for nations in a competitive world. Thus, U.S. conservatives and all nations accept wrongly the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin and is unaware of the active work of God. The supply-side economy is defined simply by lowering barriers for people (1) who produce goods and services or (2) who invest in capitalism. So, life after death is never included in capitalism.

Hundreds of comments appeared on the works on Obama by Dr.SreveB. The three figures of Dr.SreveB shows me that capitalism is ungodly and inconsistent with my understandings of God's acts. For instance, the supply-side economy of the conservatives does not make all incomes in the 'one People' of the equal USA equal. The equality of every human under God must become equal because every human is reborn after death in any nation. So, competition and a supply-sided economy is against God. Conservatives know some mathematics but do not know the symbols of the universe.

Independent voters must grow in numbers in the USA because President Obama and the democrats are not considering the actions of God in government properly .

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