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Friday, December 19, 2014

713. Determining Life On Other Planets

In his book on the  Mysterium Cosmographicum The Secret of the Universe (click), Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) agreed with Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464) on his work On Learned Ignorance (click). Kepler said that an infinite God exists and is the maximum and minimum. (Read page two in On Learned Ignorance (click).)

In general, the maximum and minimum of God can be shown with a circle that has a center and a circumference The circle can become larger and larger.  But this circle cannot become so large that the circumference has becomes a straight line because God is one and infinite and cannot be known by us. We only know that God has acted and created a universe.
Thus, if God exists, God is the maximum and the minimum and God is the center and circumference of the above circle. All other things in the circle are finite things. However, in his Monadology at statement 78, Gottfried Leibniz says that all finite things in this circle is determined by things that pre-establish a harmony. Thus, all finite things in the circle are being filled by God with living spirits and non-living geometrical things. One geometry is a spiral that is winding upwardly on a cone. One geometrical growth is shown below. Since many other spiral cones coexist, many spirits could exist on other spiral cones. We must learn these spiral cones because non-living things and living things have not been distinguished by the atheists. To atheists only non-living things exist.
When a machine was sent to planet Mars by the USA to determine whether life had been there, the machine found many different compounds but did not find life. I say that we will not find life beyond planet earth until we accept God and an endless universe and determine whether spirits exist on other spiral cones. Thus, the development of rich and poor people in a nation is wrong because we do not know whether life has one purpose of human life on one planet or whether life has many purposes of human life on many planets.

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