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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

716. A Message To Christianity

On December 25, 2014 the Trinitarian God will be worshipped again by Christianity. The Trinitarian God unifies Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The Father is a person who creates; the Son is a person who is Jesus and makes a goal that ends the universe; and the Holy Ghost, who is a person that brings all things into the universe from the Father and Son. The Trinitarian God says that Jesus was born unnaturally (without the male seed) by Virgin Mary, who was his Mother

The Trinitarian God was challenged immediately in the 4th century by Nestorius, Muhammad and the new Muslims.  In the 14th century, the Trinitarian God was challenged by many renaissance thinkers. In the 17 century, the Trinitarian God was challenged by Galileo. In the 18th century the Trinitarian God was challenged by Gottfried Leibniz, Ben Franklin, and many Americans. In the 20th century, Christianity failed. (click) In the 20th I began to challenge the Trinitarian God. I finally rejected the Trinitarian God with three books in the 21st century.

I went to a Lutheran Church as a child. At the teen age, I became a member. After three years in the U.S. Army, I went to college at Gettysburg to study science.  I also took a course on the life of Jesus. I finished college at night school at Johns Hopkins University. I restudied Jesus again after I retired from the U.S. Department of Justice.  My view of Jesus was greater. But my view of Christianity changed drastically.

Christianity must turn itself into a true religion of God and His universe. My books below will help.

My books about God and the Universe are presented below:

1. The First Scientific Proof of God (2006), 271 pages, (click)
2. A New and Modern Holy Bible (2012), 189 pages.
3. God And His Coexistent Relations To the Universe. (2014), 429 page


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