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Friday, January 02, 2015

721. U.S. Capitalism Is a Complete Failure

Capitalism and socialism are undeveloped concepts that are confusing nations. These concepts have separated the USA and Russia after WWII. After this war, the USA developed capitalism and Russia developed socialism. Today, U.S. politicians are saying that capitalism is the truth of the USA. And, Russians are saying that socialism is the true nation. Who is right, the USA or Russia?

The U.S. capitalists have said that the people of the USA did not need to involve God or the Declaration of Independence (DOI) in the development of capitalism. Their saying is very troublesome under the DOI. The U.S. capitalists also said that private owners can develop the USA alone. However, the DOI says that the USA became one People in 1776, which means that the oneness of all people are found everywhere. (click) , (click)The DOI also says that in the USA all men are created equal. (click) I conclude that the private owners of the USA are not producing the oneness of the USA. Instead, capitalism is producing too much debt, too many criminals, and too many inequalities. Thus, one can say that the private owners of capitalism in the USA has become a failure. Instead of developing many oneness of the USA, the private owners are developing a few rich people and many poor people.

While Russia does not involve God and its religions in the development of socialism, the State is defining socialism better and better. I conclude that Russia is using the American System of Economics that was proposed by Henry Clay. (clck) 

I conclude that U.S. politicians and U.S. political parties must be eliminated by abolishing government and reinitiated. I believe that capitalism was developed based on the belief in the USA, that the universe had a beginning and would have an end. Since we now know that the universe has no end, the current development of capitalism in the USA will change rapidly.

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