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Saturday, January 17, 2015

727 The Purpose of Marijuana Is Unknown

When I found that God and the universe form a whole, I concluded that an infinite God and all finite things coexist, that God and finite things had no beginning and has no end, that souls exist, that souls are reborn, and that reborn souls receive new bodies after humans die.

In his book on Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences (on P.34), Galileo says that these bodies are built with an infinite number of indivisibles. Obviously, the bodies that God make are very complex and can never be known completely. Thus, learning human bodies is a continuous job of our medical doctors.

Since the bodies of reborn humans come from God through male and female humans, it is necessary that all nations and all families must become equal. Based of poor religions, nations and families have become only unequal. Thus, the rebirth of humans has become unnatural. For example, a well developed mental child, who never used marijuana, can be reborn today in the USA in a legal U.S. marijuana State. This well developed child could be reborn in a marijuana using family. In this marijuana family, the mind of this well developed child will become confused.

The minds of humans grow naturally. To use unknown things that God made for the universe can damage the mind and body of  humans.  Since marijuana exists, it must have a purpose that doctors must learn.

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