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Friday, January 23, 2015

732. A One World Government Will Appear Soon

If you are an atheist, you belong to 13% of the people of the world. As an atheist, you accept free trade, competition and many other human behaviors because you expect to live only one life and will attempt to become richer than believers who accept God.

When the first testaments on God appeared, the believers came to conclusion that they also have only one life. But these believers concluded that they would be reborn and live forever in the heaven of God. Today, many believers are changing their thoughts because they conclude that they will be reborn eternally in the universe that God will never end.

Based on this latest belief, the believers of nations want to become as free as possible. The U.S. colonists acted and made the first government in 1776. Many nations, with a government, are now growing. As nations grow new governments are appearing (click) and regions, such as the European Union, are appearing. In time, I expect that a world government will develop and free trade, competition, and atheism will fade away.

Since I am confirming, by many different ways, that God made a universe that has no end, I conclude that a One World Government will appear soon. Those atheists and humans who like wars, free trade. competition, crimes, or have terrible human behaviors, will be gone this century.

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