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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

736. Saying More About the Two Theories of the Universe

I find it necessary to say more about the two theories of the universe. To say more, I define these theories slightly different in order to hit another part of your mind. So, I say that one theory means that the universe has an end and the other theory means that the universe has no end. These slightly different theories remove the two different origins of the universe, which is either God or is a Big Bang thing.

In order to define the universe differently, I can say that Jews, Christians, and Muslims are teaching that the universe comes to an end. These three religions also teach that God has His own heaven in which moral people will be reborn and live forever. But, Christianity also teaches that the end of the universe is based on a goal that is defined by Jesus. However, Judaism and Islam do not accept the goal of Jesus. Instead, Judaism teaches that the end of the universe is based on the a prior knowledge of space and time, which is defined by Albert Einstein. And instead, Islam conducts a continuous war in order so that the maximum number of male Moslems will live in God's heaven with virgin ladies. These theories of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are not true and are preventing the development of the minds of many humans.

The opposing theory of the universe, which has no end, rejects all of the above teachings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Instead, the opposing theory of the universe says that all humans are reborn continually after they die and receive new bodies. This opposing theory is thus very different than the teachings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

For example, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are not teaching equal nations or equal humans. Thus, the life of a human under nations and religions are only guesses. On the other hand, if nations and humans become equal, the life of all humans become greater and greater. This is how the opposing theory of the universe works. I say that a big meeting of all nations must happen. In this first meeting, the rich and poor concepts must be illuminated.

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