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Saturday, January 31, 2015

739. The Two-Dimensional Space

On Page 353, on The Structure of the Universe, Donald Hatch Andrews takes the reader on a trip into space. He says that space is not the familiar Cartesian, which has three-dimensional space of length, breadth, and height. Instead, he says that space is curved, as Albert Einstein said and shows below.

Instead of a three-dimensional space, Andrews talks about two-dimensional space. An example is a balloon laying in a yard. When an ant crawls onto the balloon,the ant can crawl around the balloon often and return. So, crawling back is two-dimensional space to the ant. Since the ant can crawl forever, the space of the ant is unlimited and is not infinite. The circumference of the balloon informs the ant of the number of times it has crawled. So, a two-dimensional space applies to any travel we make to other planets and stars. Since we can never leave space, the concept of nothing has no meaning.

Since the curves of space in the universe come from God, God must be straight. Projecting curves into other curves are possible. However, projecting curves into God is not possible. Thus, I say that the straightness of God and curves of the universe are co-existents.

The two-dimensional space is from God and is very new because we understand the three-dimensional system and is our production system. Thus, when God gives us a new body on planet earth or on a different planet, we have also received new potentials for our new lives. But, when these potentials are reduced by unnatural economic systems, it is time to change the economy.

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