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Monday, February 02, 2015

741 Space and Time Are Not Functionally Related Yet.

Donald Hatch Andrews book on The Symphony of Life continues. Andrews tells us that, in 1826,  an astronomer, H. W. M. Olbers, said that our night sky is a deep dark velvet. However, other astronomers concluded that the universe was infinite and that dust existed between the stars. To test the infinity of the universe, in May, 1919, there was an eclipse of our sun and the theory of relativity was validated. (Click) 

After this above validation, the Mount Wilson Observatory was put to work. Soon, astronomers found; that the farther away the galaxies went, the redder their light came; that these galaxies were rushing away; that the universe was expanding: and that as time passes all the stars are getting farther away. The shift of the galaxies colors are known as a 'doppler effect.'

Will the expansion of the universe go on forever? I say that the universe will go on forever because God is infinite and God's work on the universe cannot be exhausted. Andrews says that the universe began between five billion and ten billion years ago. After he concluded that the stars will become closer and closer as the universe approaches infinity, Andrews he talks about The Nature of Time and says, we must accept both ourselves and the universe not as matter but as music. We must develop our minds differently. This means that partial employment and TV movies and ads must change.

Based on the above validation, physicists started to define the special and general relations, unite space and time, and prove that the universe will come to an end. However, Andrews rejects the general relations of the physicists. But I say that the universe will not come to an end because God has no time clock.

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