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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

745. U.S. Politicians Have Destroyed the 'one People' of the Declaration of Independence

On July 4, 1776, the American colonists separated themselves from England. This separation and the development of the Declaration of Independence(DOI) were mostly the work of Ben Franklin. Before this separation began, Ben went to Europe for many years to learn, in Germany and France, about God and the continuum of the universe.

Thus, before the separation began, the colonists learned that their souls are immortal and are exempt from death. So, when the separation began in 1776, most Americans held no fear of the war that was coming because they knew that they would be reborn by God if they were killed. After the war started, Alexander Hamilton also held no fear of war because Ben said that the DOI is 'one People,' which means the USA is 'a whole that has necessary parts.' President Reagan spoke of necessities in the USA.  And Henry Clay spoke of the American necessary economic system.

However, after Lincoln was assassinated, political Americans began to say that the DOI has no laws and that all U.S. laws only come from Congress. With this change the 'one People' of the USA was never developed. Instead of developing 'one People,' the USA was developed by political parties who develop a nation of rich and poor people.

As the rich and poor people developed, some Americans held no fear of the Civil War, held no fear of going West, and held no fears of the WWI and WWII wars. However, in the 1960s, drug use and crime were developed by the rich and poor people. These behaviors turned the minds of many Americans away from the nation which had been built by many fearless Americans. Today, many Americans have lost their God. So, many Americans no longer think about their futures and the rebirths of their immortal souls.

The rich and poor Americans must be destroyed because the world economic system is ungodly and inconsistent with the immortal souls..

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