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Sunday, February 08, 2015

744. The Continuum of the Universe

That the universe comes to an end is accepted by atheists, physicist, and the religions of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Since atheists and physicists have no God, they say that they have only one life. However, since the Jews, Christians, and Muslims have a God, they say that they have a new life in God's heaven. Thus, atheists, physicist, Jews, Christians, and Muslims reject the 'continuum' of the universe.

In his 1883 'Grundlager' paper, Georg Cantor says that the Greeks grasped the first idea of the continuum. So we see that Leucippus, Democritus and Aristotle viewed the continuum as a compound of parts divisible without limit. So we see that Epicurus and Lucretius compose the continuum out of their atoms. I conclude that China accepted the continuum long ago. I found that the Chinese continuum is developed with the concept of Yin/Yang.

My studies of Jesus conclude that Jesus lived in Greece for about eighteen years. There, he learned the continuum and came home to teach the continuum and many other new ideas to the Jews. The major teaching of the continuum was recorded by Matthew in Chapter 24 and at Matt. 5:19.

At this time, the USA and many other nations are not teaching the continuum.Instead, the USA is teaching 'freedom with one life.' Freedom does not exist in all nations because John Locke proves that freedom exists only at places where nations do not exist. In all nation, every human is controlled by the laws of the government. I say that the laws of the U.S. government are terrible and is not aligned to the continuum.

All of my books say that the universe is a continuum in which God and man are working forever. Since God works in the continuum of the universe, I say that God has no other heaven. All of my books say that all humans are reborn forever. Thus, all nations must change their laws about the life of humans, animals. and plants.

My books about God and the Universe are presented below:

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