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Sunday, February 15, 2015

747. In The Reborn Act of God, a Good Human Can Become a Poor Human

After the first God was found, nations began to exist and grow. However, as the nations expanded, either God was rejected or different God's were identified. So, in our nations today humans are growing up and either become poor workers, criminals, killers, drug users, dictators, etc. or become good workers, good parents, good teachers, excellent singers, etc. These poor and good humans became clear when scriptures appeared. These poor and good humans lasted for around 4000 years

After the 20th century came to an end, I found that only one God exists, that God is active, and that this one God and the universe forms a continuum that never ends. Since only one God now exists, poor workers, criminals, killers, drug users, dictators, etc. can now be corrected.

Since evolution says that races exist and free trade agreements leads to wars, evolution and free trade must be eliminated. At this time, David McKinley, a U.S. Rep in W.Va., is saying that the Obama Administration is negotiating secret trade deals. Such secret deals in any nation is ungodly and unlawful because the Declaration of Independence says that the USA is 'one People.' Accordingly, the U.S. government must be abolished and reinstituted because the U.S. political parties are dirty and ungodly.

When humans are reborn by God, a human has no knowledge of where he or she lived before. Since poor and good humans still exist in all nations, a reborn human will become either a poor or a good human. But the number of good humans can become increased.

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