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Saturday, March 14, 2015

761. Modern Science Must Correct Scriptures and Politics

Although early religious people have spoken about souls in their scriptures, modern science can improve their knowledge of souls. For example, after creating stars and planets, modern science says that God creates human souls because human souls are the only living thing in the universe that can measure finite things that God has made or will make.

After God created an infinite number of human souls, God gave two different bodies to two different human souls and gave them similar bodies, on a planet on which many persons live today. One of these bodies has become known as a male person and the other body has become known as a female person. Since the male and female persons have received different bodies, God made children possible by putting a multiplicity of soul-bodies into the body of the male person. So, modern science is changing a theory in the Old Testament at Genesis 2:22, which currently says that EVE comes into existence from the rib of ADAM.

Since souls never die, when a person dies, the soul of this person will become part of the multiple bodies of any male person. The motion of the soul is currently unnatural to God because many male and female persons are ungodly and don't care about their children. Thus, all ungodly male and female persons must be corrected worldwide.

At Genesis 2:17, Moses says, 'But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shall surely die.' The godly scientists say that knowledge is necessary because God's universe never ends. To develop no knowledge, all people on planet earth will die and will be reborn continually until the sun on planet earth dies. (Read New Testament, Matt. Ch. 24)

As I have said many times, modern science can correct scriptures and politics.

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