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Monday, March 02, 2015

756. Making Things For All People: All Companies In All Nations Must Use the American Economic Syatem

I notice that many people in huge nations are reading my blogs on the subject of the equality of people and nations. For example, China is a large nation and has developed five times more people than the USA has developed.

Accordingly, I say that the USA is behind the development of China because China has made all of its people equal by developing families, social relations, and natural phenomena. I say that China is ahead of America is ahead because the Chinese people accept the God and the universe that I define in my books. Thus, China develops laws under God with dialectical or Yin-Yang relations. On the other hand, Americans make laws with logical words. (click)

In general, I conclude that China has developed a rural China. But, in the USA, a rural America was destroyed by U.S. economists, investors, free traders, and political persons. I suggest the book on China, Discourse on the Natural Theology of the Chinese by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

I say that the laws of the Declaration of Independence (DOI) were eliminated after Abe Lincoln was killed and economists, investors, free traders, and political persons changed the USA. What was the changes? I learned one of these changes when I joined a company in the 1950s. This company forced me sign over all ideas that I created. I also learned that the U.S. government funds and makes patents for companies so that investors would not lose all investments. So, when Intel was funded by the U.S. government and Microsoft started to use my analog-to-digital electronics, two new very large corporations developed for investors. The people of the USA did not develop anything. These companies create very few but very rich people and only create many very poor people. But,  Ben Franklin did not patent his stove. He made the stove only for all people

Today, China is developing new ideas that are emerging in the USA. Why don't every nation use new ideas that are emerging in all nations? I suggest that the American Economic System by Henry Clay be used by all large and small nations. This system will only make things for all people

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