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Sunday, March 15, 2015

762. The. Rights of Americans Have Been Reduced By Corporations and the U.S. Government

A new government is needed immediately. I conclude that the rights of the U.S. people were reduced when corporations became a conundrum that could not understand God and did not know the modern science under God. In general, the U.S. government and the U.S. corporations quietly changed the United States of America by reducing the rights of the people of the USA. So, it is clear that the fifty States must abolish the U. S. government and reinstitute a new government under God.

Ben Franklin defined the USA as one People when he reviewed the draft version of the Declaration of Independence (DOI), which Thomas Jefferson drafted and incorrectly identified the USA as the people. The DOI law, all Men are created equal, means that all of the souls of the males and females are created equal by God.

Instead of building a nation of one People, corporations are building a nation of the people. The major error of the corporations is that they believed that all people in the USA are free. As John Locke says, free people exist only on land that has no nation. A nation and its people is defined properly as one People because modern science says that all nations are 'wholes,' which have a clear number of parts. However, the U.S. Supreme Court has violated the DOI by allowing corporations to reduce the rights of one People of the USA. (click), (click), (click)

I conclude that the rights of the people of the USA have been reduced by Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court. For example, in response to my letter, Senator John D. Rockefeller, IV says that the DOI has no laws. This response is incorrect because my research says that the DOI has six very clear laws. Apparently, corporations and the U.S. government has changed the USA. Essentially the founding documents of 1776 seem to have been changed quietly by rich class Americans.

I conclude that more scientists are needed on the U.S. Supreme Court because modern science is becoming more difficult.

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