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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

763. The British Corporations vs The American Corporations

Stories about corporations are numerous. (click), (click) But, I conclude that U.S. corporations do not have any laws of the Declaration of Independence (DOI). I also say that these corporations have no DOI laws because today's U.S. political parties say that the DOI has no laws. Thus, the laws of corporations will be controlled by Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court. These laws mean that one People of the USA and the DOI have no authorities over the U.S. corporations.

Thus, I conclude that the rights of people of the USA are being reduced by todays U.S. corporations and U.S. political parties. (click). (click) For instance, when I was involved in the space program in the 1960's, corporations forced me to sign all of my inventions over to them before they would give me a job. So, the rich get richer and the poor become poorer. However, the founding of the USA in 1776 did not want to make the people poorer. For example, Ben Franklin made a new stove. But, Ben he did not build a company to make himself rich because the DOI says that all Men are created equal in the USA. Thus, on July 4, 1776, profits and riches of corporations were removed by the founders because the USA wanted to create equal people and build socialism. The forward motion of the USA was clear to the founders.  So, when John Adams and Thomas Jefferson became presidents, they discussed the development of farms for all American. But, after Jefferson ended his work as the presidency (from 1801 to 1809), England went to war again with the USA. But,  England lost again in the War of 1812. Yet, England's corporations will slowly win with the democratic and republican political parties of the USA.

In 1832, Henry Clay made a major speech on the American System. (click) The American system is different than the British System because the American System develops corporations that will not reduce the rights of the American people. It is clear that the British System would be installed quietly in the USA in 1865, after Lincoln was assassinated. After Lincoln was dead, U.S. corporations would follow the British corporations an would begin to reduce the rights of American people.

The British corporations would grow in the USA when John C. Calhoun became Vice President of Andrew Jackson (1829-1832). Thus, when Henry Clay presented the American System in 1832,, Calhoun would turn away from the American System because accepted slavery. With the British corporations, the cotton growers of the South started to ship cotton to England's textile corporations. Thus, the American System moved forward for 27 years after 1832. But, in 1859, England sent Darwin's book on evolutionary theory to the USA in order to defeat Abe Lincoln's fight for the White House. Lincoln won and destroyed slavery. He also expanded the American System in the South and West.

Thus, after Lincoln was assassinated, the American corporations became British corporations. The ugly British corporations turned the U.S. corporations into godless and evolutionary operations. Instead of making all nations and people equal, the USA developed the USA as a nation that controls the economies and people of all nations.

Since the U.S. corporations have no God, it is time to make the U.S. corporations godly with Henry Clay's American System. Somehow U.S. corporations came into existent and did not follow (1) the laws of nature and (2) the laws of nature's God.These two different laws in the DOI were unknown in 1776. But, many laws of nature are being developed. And, I have proven nature's God.

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