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Thursday, April 02, 2015

770. Human Souls Are Treated Wrongly Worldwide

Currently, I have only a few moments for blogging. So, I have a few minutes to say more about the mind of the German co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz. I conclude the mind of Lubitz was developed by the world's problem of unequal nations and unequal humans. These mental problem exist because today's world competition is affecting the minds of humans negatively.

Lubitz might have thought that his soul would never die and that only his body would die by separating its parts. If Lubitz was thinking this way, his mind agrees with my theory of God and a universe. So, the souls of all the people in this crash will live again and will receive a new body from God.

However, all reborn souls will receive new bodies from God in a different Father and Mother, who live in a different nation. For instance, Lubitz might be reborn in China and his other pilot might be reborn in Africa. To be fair to the souls of all humans on the crash, nations must become equal. But, competition makes nations unequal and treats reborn souls unfairly..

John Locke says that humans can live in two natures. One nature is absolute freedom. This nature has no nation and thus has no laws. The other nature is no freedom, which has a nation and laws. Thus, to give absolute freedom to humans in a nation for world competition is unlawful. What is wrong with the governments of today's nations.?

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