Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

767. The First World War of Religions

When the ISIS began to kill Americans and Christians in Iraq and Syria, a war among nations did not develop. Instead, a war among many religions began to develop. Thus, I say that the first world war of religions is currently developing.

However, this first world war of religions is not like the wars of nations, which separate enemies and friends. Instead, the war of religions is like the U.S. War of Vietnam or a guerrilla war, in which enemies are everywhere. So, in this first war of religions, I say that the use of military operations, such as aircraft bombing, is incorrect. Instead, I say that pamphlets and books will be more effective on any wars of religions.

To stop the war of religions, I suggest that pamphlets and books be sent to many Muslim nations, many Christian nations, many Jewish nations, and many people of Iraq, Syria, and North Korea so that many people can study and learn (1) that only one God exists; (2) that the universe never ends; and (3) that all humans have a soul and body and are reborn and receive a new body by God continually. The cost of pamphlets and books would be very low compared to the cost of military costs of nations.

The newest and best books of religions originate in China, Germany, and the USA. In China, the book Discourse of the Natural Theology of the Chinese is teaching a God and a continuous universe. (click) In Germany, the book Monadology is a very detail teaching of a God and a continuous universe.(click) And in the USA, my three books, The First Scientific Proof of God (click); A New and Modern Holy Bible (click); and God and His Coexistent Relations To The Universe (click) will change all religions in the world to one religion.

So, the current religious war in Iraq and Syria can be stopped without military costs.


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