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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

783. Baltimore Is Saying That The American Economic System And Equal Humans Must Be Developed.

I say that the event in the city of Baltimore yesterday is beyond crime, war, and terrorism in the USA. I also say that this event is an action against the development of the British Economic System in the USA and is against the Declaration of Independence (DOI). 

The American Economic System became an endless part of the USA after the U.S. colonists separated themselves from England. The British Economic System is a different economic system, which was developed by England and was protected by a large navy and England's world market of traders who seek as many riches as they can. This British economy was rejected by the founders in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence (DOI). The American Economic System was presented first by Henry Clay in 1832. (click)

The American Economic System was not installed in the USA immediately because many other problems had to be solved. But the American Economic System was finally installed by President Lincoln. The first step of Lincoln was to eliminate slavery with a civil war. Then, Lincoln developed the South and the West by using the Yankee Dollar. Going West is being demonstrated by the Encore TV program. I believe that finding gold in the West began to stop the development of the American Economic System. But, I show below that many U.S. presidents tried to saved the American Economic System.

I learned that seven killers might have been paid to assassinate Lincoln. However, after Lincoln was killed, I learned that most Americans have tried to build the American Economy System. For example, I learned that J.P. Morgan (1837-1913) proposed a national manufacturing system.(Click)  But, Teddy Roosevelt said, No. Thus, the American Economic System was not developed by some Americans.

After Lincoln was killed, I learned that the Republican party and the Democratic party began to work together do they can install the British Economic System in the USA. This change occurred in the USA and the USA become a competitive world market led by free traders.

However, in 1929, the U.S. British Economic System began to fail. But, President Herbert Hoover argued for the British Economic System because he thought that economic failures are natural. So the Democrats rejected Hoover's theory because 25% of the people of the USA could not find work. So, Hoover's theory put Franklin Roosevelt into the White House. At the White House, Roosevelt presented a 'New Deal.' (click) This deal would rebuild the American Economic System of Lincoln.

After Roosevelt died and WWII was stopped by President Truman, President Eisenhower did expand the American Economic System by creating jobs and made many new highways and bridges. Then, President Kennedy also expanded the American Economic System by starting the space program. After U.S. astronauts landed on the moon, However, the black people said that  they cannot eat spacecrafts.  So, President Nixon expanded the American Economic System. I represented the U.S. Department of Justice at the White House on Nixon's expansion proposal. This expansion would increase the protein of meals for all Americans by putting pigs on a national production program.. All work of Americans would also be changed to a four-day week. Further, all of the productions goods would go underground in tubes. These tubes would eliminate all trucking on the U.S. highways. At this meeting, I was impressed. But republicans became criminals and President Nixon was forced to retire.

After Nixon retired, I concluded that the future presidents would not developed the American Economic System. Thus, Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama, Congress, and the Supreme Court have not developed any interest in the American Economic System. Instead, the Republicans and Democrats had only developed interests in developing the British Economic System (from 1970 to 2017).

To my thoughts, the Baltimore event is a serious action. This action could develop equal humans and could develop the American Economic System in the USA, as a nation of 'one People.' All of the parts of 'one People' under one God must become equal. But, I say that the British Economic System can never be developed in the USA because the U.S. Declaration of Independence would be violated

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