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Monday, April 27, 2015

782. NIH, FDA, and Companies Must Change Medical Research

We must look deeper on the work of Dr. Oz, the work of private companies, and the work of government on medical research.

For instance, when a company makes things, such as automobiles, the makers know that every automobile forms a whole that has a countable number of parts. So, the buyer of an automobile is able to learn the number of parts in his or her automobile and fix them when their automobile is broken.

However, when an origin (or God) goes to work to create things for the universe, some things form a whole that has an infinite number of parts and other things form a whole that has a countable number of parts.

When humans go to work, they learn about nonliving and living things that the origin has made for the universe. For example, we learn about nonliving coal, which warms people and gives electricity to homes. All of these nonliving things form wholes, which have a countable number of parts. Some of these nonliving are called chemicals. However, the origin also makes living things. These living things are humans, animals, and plants and form wholes. The plants form wholes, which make seed and have a countable number of part. But. the animals and humans forms wholes, which have an infinite number of parts that cannot be counted. The animals and humans are different because animals make their same homes and lives every year. But, humans always improve their homes and develop better lives.

Since animals and plants are cared for by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But, the U.S. government and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are not caring for humans properly, such as cancer and other medical problems, because the parts of a human are infinite and cannot be counted.

Body parts of humans have being presented. (click), And, DNA has been found in all body parts. But DNA does not mean that cultures are made by Darwin's evolutionary theory. Nor do I believe that the parts of parts can become fully known.

But I do believe that the parts of human bodies can only be understood by studying and expanding Galileo's work on bodies that are built up of an infinite number od indivisibles in his book on page 34 of Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences. In his book, I see the solution to cancer and all other medical problems of humans.

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