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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

779. Causes and Effects In The Universe

After humans began to write 5000 years ago, they eventually distinguished the good and evil concepts and became statements about human life. These different behaviors appeared after many humans concluded that only 'good' humans might live in heaven with God after they die. But, very soon, the concepts, true and false, appeared. For example, statements about cabalism and human knowledge appeared. Today, the good and evil statements are taught by the field of religion. And the true and false statements are taught by the field of science.

Unfortunately, the field of religions and the field of sciences have never come together because these two fields of thought hold very different statements. In general, all religions say that the universe comes to an end. And scientists say that either the universe comes to an end or that the universe never ends. Thus, more causes and effects of the universe must be found. 

So, this week, I started to investigate the progress of modern science and learned that Jonah Lehrer was addressing failures of modern science. (click) Lehrer wrote a blog in 2011 on Trials and Errors: Why Sciences Is Failing Us (click)  Lehrer's blog is about medical& research and its causes/effects and trials/errors.

In his work on medical research, Lehrer seems to be a follower of David Hume (1711-1776), ho lived in Scotland. Lehrer tells us about the views of Hume on causes and effects below.

David Hume referred to causality as “the cement of the universe.” He was being ironic, since he knew that this so-called cement was a hallucination, a tale we tell ourselves to make sense of events and observations. No matter how precisely we knew a given system, Hume realized, its underlying causes would always remain mysterious, shadowed by error bars and uncertainty. Although the scientific process tries to makes sense of problems by isolating every variable—imagining a blood vessel, say, if HDL alone were raised—reality doesn’t work like that. Instead, we live in a world in which everything is knotted together, an impregnable tangle of causes and effects. Even when a system is dissected into its basic parts, those parts are still influenced by a whirligig of forces we can’t understand or haven’t considered or don’t think matter. Hamlet was right: There really are more things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy.

I am able to bring Galileo and Hume together on the subject of causes and effcts. For example, Galileo's writing on Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences and Galileo's statement on page 34, says, Thus we have a continuous quantity built-up of an infinite number of indivisibles. Here, Galileo is telling us that all bodies in a finite universe have an infinite number of parts. Thus, causes and effects can never be completed in a finite universe, But, all atheists and many physical scientists are wrong. The minds of Hume and Galileo will be found in the minds of many other big thinkers.

I say that the causes and effects of the universe is complex. First, I say in general that 'the chicken comes before the eggs.' Thus, I say that God creates indivisibles first in zero time. Then, Cod creates divisible bodies in zero time with indivisibles. Since each divisible thing is in each divisible thing, all divisibles are different and force the universe to grow geometrically with causes and effects. .

The atheists and many physical scientists must change their mind about the universe. And medical research doctors must turn to the Chinese doctors to beat cancer and other human problems. Furthermore, nations and humans must become equal.

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