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Thursday, April 23, 2015

780. Dr. Oz Is Developing Better Human Bodies

If many U.S. universities continue to challenge the work of Dr. Oz on TV, my last blog on the Cause and Effects of the Universe could also be challenged by these universities.

Today, Dr. Oz used his largest platform to take on his many critics, after 10 doctors from institutions like Stanford, the University of California and the University of North Carolina. A signed petition was sent off to Columbia University last week. In it, the group called for Dr. Oz’s dismissal from the University and his post as Vice Chair of the Department of Surgery. The lead author of the letter, Henry I. Miller, is a fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution. Miller said, 'My interest was and is solely to protect the academic respectability of a prominent medical institution.' The critics say that Dr. Oz's record speaks for itself, and there is plenty of data which suggest that his medical judgment is questionable. They say that they have every reason to believe that Columbia University's senior management will do what's in the best interest of a great institution and the public.

Dr. Oz, chose not to start the fight, has finished it in expert fashion. He opened his much anticipated episode with the statement, 'My life’s work has been built around one simple message' ... 'you have a right and a responsibility to become a world expert on your own body.' And the way you do that is to have access to the best, and most current information, multiple points of view, and diverse opinions.

My scientific proof of God, my scientific proof that all humans are reborn, and my scientific proof that the universe has no end means that science must look deeper and deeper into the human body, knowing that all human bodies cannot be completed or become perfects

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