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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

785. Why The USA Could Fall Apart Soon

After the American colonists made a new nation on July 4, 1776, an endless debate was developed by two American parties on the U.S. economy. This debate was developed by the republican and democratic parties.

In general, the republicans always fought for the British Economic System and the democrats always fought for the American Economic System. But, in their specific debates, the republicans fight for riches in the world markets and the democrats fight for equal human rights. Since these fights are not logically opposing fights, these fights are unable to move the USA forward and into the potential future of the universe that God is making. So, I say that the U.S. government must be abolished and instituted with a new government.

Below, I say that these fights between the republican and democratic parties began after President Lincoln was assassinated. I conclude that President Lincoln was killed in 1865 by one of seven republicans, who wanted to deal with the world market. I conclude that these republicans were free traders and were interested only in developing riches and were not interested in God.

History tells us that Henry Clay's American Economic System was supported by President Andrew Johnson for four years after Lincoln was killed. However, on 1869, the republicans came into power with Ulysses Grant in 1869. So, in order to prevent the development of the British Economic System by the republicans, Henry C. Carey wrote The Unity of Law in 1872. (click)

However, from 1869 to 1893, the republicans would destroy the American Economic System by open the USA to the world market with the British Economic System. This change developed the first economic depression, from1893 to 1898. (click)  The republicans developed the second depression in 1929 with President Hoover. But President Roosevelt solved the 1929 depression by developing the American Economy System. This System made jobs for many poor Americans and reduced the rich Americans from 1933 to 1945.

In general, from President Roosevelt through President Nixon, the democrats produced better lives for poor Americans. And, from President Ford to President Obama, the republicans produced more money for rich Americans. When President Obama came, health care was made for all Americans. When Obama leaves the White House in 2017, will the fight between the republicans and democrats be eliminated? If these fights are not eliminated, the U.S. government must be abolished immediately because the republican and the democrats do not function in government properly. Thus, two new political parties must develop.

Americans had to win two wars, WWI and WWII. When they came home in the second war in 1945, they went to colleges under the G.I. Bill. Unfortunately, the minds of some of these military men and women would only seek wealth. Instead of building the USA, these men and women created a race of rich and poor Americans. These wealth seekers destroyed the rural America and many families because they thought that they are absolutely free. No nation has any free humans, as John Locke proves.

If a new government is not instituted with a Congress that moves the USA forward, I say that the USA will fall into parts or small nations. The city of Baltimore and other cities must continue their work to move the USA forward

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