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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

798. Divisibles Things In The Universe

On the concepts of divisible things in the universe, Anaxagoras says that everything is in everything. (click) Thus, if hot and cold liquids exist, there is no disappearance of the hot as the liquid cools. Anaxagoras wonders, how can hair come from not-hair or how can flesh come from not-flesh? Anaxagoras made statements about bodies and colors. He also said that black is in white and white in black. He made the same statements about weights. Thus, Anaxagoras says that everything is in everything.

In everything there is a mixture of all the ingredients. Ingredients are everywhere at all times. This principle is the theory of Anaxagoras and leads to difficulties. If everything is in everything, there must be interpenetration of ingredients, for it must be possible for there to be many ingredients in the same space. Indeed, the principle requires that all ingredients be in every space at all times because things are either coming-to-be or passing-away.

On Learned Ignorance by Nicholas of Cusa, (click) in, Book II, Ch. Five, Cusa says that 'Each thing is in each thing.' In Book II Four, Cusa says that God is in all things in such a way that all things are in him. And, in Book II Five, Cusa also says that God is in all things through the mediation of the universe. Accordingly, Cusa tells us that all things from God are seen to precede each given thing. See the book of Nicholas of Cusa's Metaphysic of Contraction in Chapter Four.(click)

In my third book, I prove that God did create a chicken before any chicken could make eggs. As a scientist, I concluded that God did create the minds of humans so that all divisible things can be measured. And, in his book on Monadology, Gottfried Leibniz says that each living body has a dominate entelechy. Thus, humans, animals, and plants are learning new corrections continually, as beavers, birds, etc. are making their same homes each new year. So, I sat that divisible things are real subjects of human minds.  Thus new divisible things are coming to the universe forever.  Accordingly wars, terrorism, crime, and riches must be eliminated.

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