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Friday, August 07, 2015

821.Republicans Debate on 8/6/2015

Last evening, ten republicans debated.

Last evening, my interest was to hear any statements about (1) laws of the Declaration of Independence (DOI), (2) God, (3) the universe, and (4) the American humans. But, I heard no laws on the DOI and no laws on the universe.

On God, some republicans bless God. And other republicans receive words from God. I say that no words exist between God and the minds of humans.  On American humans, Mexican immigrations, military life, health care, abortions, education, work, debts, same-sex marriages are discussed briefly.

Early Edition  By  Cristina Marcos and Jesse Byrnes  (click)
1. Donald Trump takes aim at Rosie O’Donnell
2. Paul clashes with Christie
3. Trump refuses to rule out third-party run
4. Trump eyes Megyn Kelly
5. Carson gets the laughs
6. GOP rivals ask Trump for donations
7. Bush stands by ‘act of love’ immigration remark
8. Prostitutes and pimps
9. Rubio suggests God is a Republican
10. Kasich opens up about gay weddings

A Later Edition by  by Eugene Kiely, Brooks Jackson, Lori Robertson, Robert Farley, Dave Levitan and D’Angelo Gore. click) On Trump. (click)


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