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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

823. Ben Franklin Is The Founder Of The USA

Today, I show that Ben Franklin became the major leader of the separation of America from England. I begin by saying that from June 14, 1766 to August 13,1766, Ben Franklin and Sir John Pringle traveled through Germany and held meeting with men of literary and science. Then, on July 19, both men were elected members of the Royal Society of Science at Gottingen.

This 1766 trip was fifty years after Gottfried Leibniz had died and had developed the New God, the New universe, and the paper on the Monadology. But, this trip was also only twelve years after the death of Germany's Christian Wolff, who was the major follower of Leibniz. In this trip, Ben learned the minds of England's scientists and England's theory of evolution of families, England's rejection of the New God and the New universe of Leibniz, questions on the early death of Queen Ann, England's empiricism, and England's rejection of reason.

Because Ben also became a very intelligent scientist on electricity, in 1769, Ben was elected president of the American Philosophical Society.. He was reelected annually during his remaining life. But, on July 14 Ben makes a second journey. This trip was to France. In August 16, 1772, Ben was elected to the French Academy of Sciences. This academy had only eight foreign members.

On September 30, 1774 Ben recommended Thomas Paine to his friends in Philadelphia. Paine would produce ten books: (1) Life of Thomas Paine, (2) Common Sense-The Crisis, (3) Patriotic Papers, (4) Political Pamphlets, (5) Letters and Dissertations, (6) Rights of Man, (7) The Rights of Man Essays, (8) The Age of Reason, (9)Theological Discussions,and (10) Miscellany Poetry Index.(Click)

On Feb.1, 1775, Ben is in London and presents a plan to the House of Lords. It is rejected and on March1, Ben gave up all hopes of any peaceful settlements. When in Portsmouth, he writes the Accounts of Negotiations in London. When in Philadelphia on May 1, Ben learns about the battle between Lexington and Concord. Then, Ben becomes a delegate to the Second Continental Congress and is appointed to numerous committees.

In July 21, Ben drafted the Articles of Confederation for the United Colonies. Five days later, Ben was made the postmaster general by Congress. This action made Ben the highest leader of the colonies. In October and November of 1775, Ben and a committee of the Congress visited the camp of George Washington's Continental Army at Cambridge. In 1776, Ben became 70.

On June 11, the Declaration of Independence (DOI) was to be made by Ben and four other men. The DOI was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and Ben and John Adams made corrections. Then, on July 4, the DOI was adopted.

In March 9,1790 Ben restates to  Ezra Stiles his lifelong religious creed: a belief in one God, the Creator, who is best served by doing good to his other children; immorality of the human soul, to be treated with Justice in another Life respecting its Conduct in this; Jesus' system of morals and his religion, as he left them, 'the best the World ever saw or likely to see.' though since somewhat corrupted; and some doubts at t the divinity of Jesus.

If the U.S. Congress today does not turn to the words of Ben Franklin and the DOI, the nation of the USA will never become godly and its people will fall apart completely.

My books below about God and the Universe are in agreement with the work of Gottfried Leibniz:

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