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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

844. The USA Manufacturing System

The flooding in South Carolina and the damage of many people could have avoided It was not avoided because the USA capitalists, conservatives, and corporations only want to make and sell things. To maximize supplies and sales, they did not care about the fall of rural America. Nor did they not care about squeezing more and more people into smaller homes at higher costs into the big cities. Thus, it is time to make better things and better life for all of the 'one People' of the USA..

A well developed Pumping System could have avoided the damage of the people of the South Carolina. Such a system could solve other water and fire problems anywhere in the USA.

Since the people of rural America and the big cities are moving backward, it is time to move the 'one People' of the USA forward. The 'one People' is found in first statement of the Declaration of Independence (DOI) and means that the USA is a 'whole that has parts' and is created by a God that has no parts. (Note, the atheists say that God does not exist. So, they hunt for an atom that has no parts. So, atheists say that people are absolutely free.)

All nations must throw away the economy of Adam Smith because only some supplies and sales are necessary for nations. In the early 20th century, J.P. Morgan told President Teddy Roosevelt that the U.S. manufacturing must become one system. Teddy said 'no.' I say that it is time to build the U.S. Manufacturing System, just like the U.S. Health Care System was developed by President Obama. This change will affect the GOP party. But, forward motion will always affect politics.

President Lincoln was developing the USA as systems of 'one People.'  Then, he was assassinated and the republicans would soon develop  the economic of Adam Smith. This is when the Declaration of Independence would go into the background of politics.

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