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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

885. More On Albert Einstein's Wrong Theory .

If Gottfried Leibniz and Ben Franklin were living today, they would reject Albert Einstein's theory of space and time relations, such as 'coming-to-be' and 'passing away' relations. If the coming-to-be and passing away relations were used, Leibniz would say that these relations are at a such and such place. And, if Ben was living, Ben would say that all souls would be at a such and such place.

On bodies, Leonardo Da Vinci defines them. He says that the smallest natural point is larger than all mathematical points. This statement is proven because the natural point is a continuity. Accordingly, continuous things are formed by indivisibles. Mathematical points are also indivisible things because they have no size. The superficies (or surfaces) are limitations of a body. The limitation of a body has no part of a body. Thus, the limitation of a body is that which begins in another body. Since no part of any body is nothing, nothing fills no space.

Galileo also speaks about indivisibles. His thoughts are found in his Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences. In 1966 Raymond Seeger's book on Galileo Galilei. his wife and His works the National Science Foundation presented Galileo's thoughts about indivisible things in Chapter 6. Galileo also equates the center point of a circle to the circle's circumference by showing that the circumference and center of a circle are indivisibles. Thus, inside the circumference and center, many differing parts will be found forever because around the center very small things exist. And, very large things exist around the circumference. The National Science Foundations never developed the indivisible infinities.

However, Galileo says that we must deal with infinities and indivisibles. They transcend our finite understandings, the former on account of their magnitude and the latter because of their smallness. A divisible magnitude cannot be constructed out of two, ten, a hundred, or a thousand indivisibles, but requires an infinite number of them. Thus, we cannot speak of infinite quantities as being the one greater or less than or equal to another. The attributes equal, greater, and less are not applicable to infinite, but only to finite quantities. Thus, we have a continuous quantity built up of an unlimitedly infinite number of indivisibles.

Galileo challenges the beliefs of religions on the subjects of  'coming-to-be' and 'passing away.'  Instead, Galileo says that the Empedocles hold four corporeal elements (earth, water, air, and fire). And, Galileo says that Anaxagoras, Leucippus and Democritus say that many bodies are infinite in numbers. Anaxagoras also identifies elements that have parts. Things that have parts also are also named as a 'whole.' Galileo also says that Democritus and Leucippus say that all other things are composed of indivisible bodies and that these other things are infinite in numbers.

When Pope Benedict XVI came into the Catholic Church, he said that the 'infinite' would be sought. He never defined or confirmed the infinite. In the Old Testament at Job 22:5, says 'Is not the wickedness great? and thine iniquities infinite? And Ps. 147:5 says that God's understanding is infinite.

So, coming-to-be and passing away are false theories. And, the universe had no beginning and has no end. Thus, humans will live in this universe forever. It is time to change the democracies throughout the world.

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