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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Land, Landowning, and Land Promises

After discovering the scientific proof of God, my aging forced me to limit the subjects that I could cover in a book. The subject of land was one of the subjects that is not covered in ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ So, here I discuss land from God's perspective.

Historians tell us that before rulers appeared on the face of the world, people ‘hunted and gathered’ food. In this period, land was not owned or managed and thus created deserts. Then, people multiplied. In this new period, landowning emerged along with the appearance of rulers and armies. With the rise of monotheism and the fall of polytheism, a new religious belief developed. According to this new belief, God is viewed as a land owner, manager, and a God that promises land. This new belief is expressed in the Old Testament at Gen. 15:18. This verse says that the Lord made a covenant with A’bram for a particular piece of land on this planet.

The scientific proof of God reveals new truths about God, for instance, that God is the land owner but is not a land manager. This proof also tell s that our world has no end and that humans must manage God's land forever.

So, the covenant between God and A’bram is not possible because an infinite God cannot communicate to us unless He appears in our finite world. At this time, only Christians and Hindi believe that God can appear in our world as a member of the human species. Christians believe that God did appear in our world as Jesus Christ. So, one can challenge the covenant with A’bram by asking, ‘Who promised land to A’bram?’

My research on the Old Testament, New Testament, and Qur’an came to the conclusion that only the New Testament has divine thoughts. I discuss this conclusion in my book on the scientific proof of God. So I conclude that the Old Testament and the Qur’an are man-made scriptures and thus contain errors.

On the subject of land, I conclude that man has allowed himself to become enslaved by history’s greedy landowners. These owners create all nations, all armies, all money, all social conflicts and all wars. Since God and our world are eternal and have no end, today’s governments must unify themselves with peace treaties. The intent of these treaties is to make international laws that control land. Do nothing about the land ownership problem and a person can expect to lose another child in a war. And, since our world has no end, do nothing about the land ownership problem and all people can expect to be reincarnated to planet earth and be in a war somewhere.


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