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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Reincarnation and Resurrection

Ancient people who lived on the Nile River buried their people with food because they thought that death led to a new life on the other side of the Nile River. Today, people are thinking and singing more about life after death. However, the huge size and continued expansion of the universe and our continued growth of knowledge are changing out thoughts about life after death. These factors are increasing our doubts about the religious teaching of God’s judgment and the separation of people into Heaven and Hell. Especially, scientific minds are increasing their doubts about this religious teaching.

I deal with the subject of life after death in my modern creation theory. I present this theory in Part IV of my book on The First Scientific Proof of God. Like other scientists, I use atoms to form the universe. But, to my knowledge, only I use spiritual atoms to form the universe. By using spiritual atoms, I form a universe that has spiritual and physical aspects.

All spiritual atoms perceive. They are immortal, invisible, and indivisible. They combine lawfully and logically to form mortal, visible, and divisible things. The things are those things that God decided to include in His Intelligent Design of the universe. Since all things are mortal, they die. However, since all spiritual atoms are immortal, they merely are separated from the things they form. Some atoms separate quickly whereas others separate slowly. Since God is eternal, all spiritual atoms, because they are immortal, cause life to exist in the universe eternally.

I did not have sufficient time to conduct proper research on the things God includes in His Design. But, I went far enough to conclude that God creates eternally and is active continuously in the life He created. I also concluded that God is a macro-manager of the universe because He decided to create a free form of life by including intelligence in the human species. Thus, I conclude that both a reincarnation theory and a resurrection theory will be found eventually by man. The reincarnation theory would apply only to life on the same planet whereas the resurrection theory would apply to life between different galaxies.

Since reincarnation could be found as a Law of the Nature of Man and resurrection, as a Law of Nature’s God, the people of planet earth should realize that they will live forever and could be reborn anywhere on planet earth. So making planet earth beautiful and liveable by all people should be a world level goal and priority.


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