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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rise and Fall Theories: End or Eternity?

Yesterday, I spoke of the rise and fall of persons, organizations and nations and the causes thereof. Here, I will continue to discuss rises and falls in more general and as a theory. As a theory, rise and fall can oscillate as a see-saw oscillates. Or, a rise and fall can struggle for existence. For instance, rises can struggle for existence by minimizing and/or defeating all possible falls. This is the eternity theory. The eternity theory seems to be more appropriate to other theories associated with man’s mind and do not seem to be associated with laws of Nature or evolutionary theory. The pic shows a spiral that has no end. If this spiral winds round and round on a geometrical cone standing on its vortex and God is this vortex, the winding spiral represents the universe in which all created things exist.

A famous story of a rise and a fall is discussed by Moses in the Genesis of the Old Testament. The setting is the Garden of Eden, a place where Adam was thought to be born. Adam is said to give life to the first woman, Eve, through the rib of Adam. Using the good and evil ideas, Moses assigned the ‘good’ to God. Here, we see that Moses did not lift his monotheistic God into a world higher than His universe. Instead, Moses assumed that God and man lived in the same world. This was a major error of Moses. With this error, Moses assumed that Adam and Eve were created as ‘good.’ Moses then says that Adam and Eva developed evilness when they ate forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Based on this major error of Moses, one can ask, Could have the evilness of Adam and Eve come from the lack of knowledge? This question seems rational because one observes today that knowledge lacks in all third-world nations and all of those nations that have dictators.

It is time for political science and religions to become serious on the subjects of knowledge and science. It is also time for religions to treat God as a real monotheistic God. And, it is time for all scientists and mathematicians to accept the reality of God and reconsider all theories of an end.. Remember, the atheists, if empowered, can take man into a deep fall because they see ends coming to all life and to the universe.


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