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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Christian Error

In yesterday’s blog, I spoke of a Christian error related to the concept people know as ‘Son of God.’ This error was hidden for fifteen centuries until the theological work of Nicholas of Cusa appeared in the 15th century. With Cusa’s work, I was able to identify a Christian error in my 2006 book, ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’(click)

This Christian error began to emerge with the words of Christ at John 10:30. There he says, "I and my Father are one. " In the 4th century, at the Council of Nicaea, different views of Jesus were expressed as follows: (1) Jesus is a created angel who is other than the God who made all things; (2) Jesus is inferior to God; (3) Jesus does and says only what God willed; (4) Jesus is a separate substance compared to the substance of God; (5) Jesus is not equal to the one true and only God; (6) Jesus is a creature; (7) Jesus is the Son who is next to the Father; and (8) Jesus is different from God. It was clear at the Council that Christ was created.

Today, many people view God as an infinite thing-in-itself, who unites opposites such as ‘uncreated’ and ‘created’ and manifests himself in his own finite universe. Since God creates a world that never ends, the created universe is the best of all possibilities. Thus, God must appear in our endless world as the Son of God to guide and teach. So, God is both uncreated and created.

But, bad interpretations of Christ’s message in Ch. 24 of Matthew deny the real life of man. Today, many Christians no longer hang onto the passive nature of the human Spirit because they accept Christ’s teaching of personal development and self-knowledge. They are the Christians who are making new and advanced studies of God and the universe. Yet, many other Christians still hang onto the life of the early Christians today, as if personal development and self-knowledge are unnecessary. They expect only one life on planet earth; view life on earth as a soul school; hold faith alone in God; want to be saved by Christ; expect to go to Heaven after death; view Christ as both the Son of God and the Son of man; and expect only a second coming of Christ. These expectations, holds, wants, and views collectively form a Christian error that I sensed years ago. Any believer in God should never live on faith alone. Knowledge is necessary in any nation under God.

This major Christian error should be corrected because any drastically wrong living on this planet is not healthy for any nation.


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