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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Western World and Christ, the Son of God

In my 2/03/08 blog, I review the three big religions of the Western world and mention that Christians believe that Christ is the Son of God. In this review, I said that it is possible that Christ is the Son of God. In today’s blog I discuss this possibility, which depends on today’s theory of a monotheistic God as defined by modern science.

The view of a monotheistic God today is different compared to the view of ancient people. The ancients viewed God as a creator who lived among the seemingly unmoving stars we see in the evening sky. Today, we know that this ancient view was wrong because the evening stars are merely other suns. So, when Christians speak of a Son of God, they must realize that a monotheistic God, that is, the Father, lives in an infinite world eternally. However, this modern view of a monotheistic God does not mean that the concept of a Son of God is false.

Nicholas of Cusa maintains the concept of the Son of God with a new scientific concept he calls the ‘contracted maximum individual’ in his"On Learned Ignorance, Bk. III, Ch. 4, 5. Cusa says that the appearance of Christ was the appearance of the ‘contracted maximum individual’ in our finite world. This appearance means that Christ is both God and man. But, Cusa’s development of the concept of the Son of God did not have the scientific tools that I have today. In my book, The First Scientific Proof of God (click), I complete Cusa’s development of the Son of God in Part IIb. It is aligned to our new knowledge of a monotheistic God, who can manifest himself contractedly and maximally.

This form of manifestation by God requires the development of self-knowledge and requires people to go beyond the ancient scriptures. The manifestation of God also destroys Darwin’s evolutionary theory. With my modern version of the Son of God, the unification of theology, religion, and science is just a matter of time. Thus, there is no room for atheism in any nation.

But, Christianity is not exactly on the true path to God. I will discuss this error tommorrow.


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