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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Teaching of the Sun’s Darkening by Jesus Christ

The teaching of Jesus Christ in Ch. 24 of Matthew of the Bible tells us the real life of man. It is not true that people die and wait for Christ to come a second time so they can be judged and placed either into Heaven or Hell. This childlike belief is the result of the early thoughts of people whose minds were still highly irrational. A religion or nation that teaches such a childlike belief is not developing and does not understand knowledge and its growth. Such a religion is also not responsive to the biblical teaching of Saint Paul at Rom. 1:20.

When creating things out of nothing, God must manifest himself in the created things by contracting his single essence. We do not know this essence. But, we are able to develop knowledge about God’s essence by responding to the Rom. 1:20 teaching of Paul. But, it is clear that God’s creation must be a whole formed of many different and related things. Thus, God creates one universe of things without vacuums. It is clear that the universe has living things. And it is clear that some created things have no life and thus form an infrastructure for life. I discussed this infrastructure in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. (click)

In Ch. 24 of Matthew, Christ was teaching that the sun and earth form an infrastructure for life. But, he also taught that this infrastructure would pass away when the sun darkens. Today, scientists know that the sun dies. But, the people at the time of Christ did not know this fact. But, this fact about the sun was not known until modern science emerged. The Christian error that I discussed in yesterday’s blog was natural because the knowledge of the death of our sun was hidden from religions by our developing minds.

So, when religions cast a scripture into concrete, they show their ignorance of God and God’s creation. Theologians and religions must unify themselves with science immediately because the current separation is causing wars, terrorism, evils and social conflicts.


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