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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The United States of America Is Failing

Every day more evidence is showing that atheists are unable to prove that God and creation do not exist. This increasing evidence shows that the US founders were right to create a nation under God and confirms that my scientific proof of God is true.

Unfortunately, following the Lincoln assassination, the US atheists and free traders began to turn the US government away from God. One important US political practice is England’s Charles Darwin theory known as evolution. In England, this practice replaces God and the Laws of Nature and Nature’ God. These laws are found in the US Declaration of Independence. Today, the theory of evolution is accepted wrongly by the US Department of Education and is taught wrongly in all public schools.

A second important US political practice is England’s Adam Smith’s theory of economics. In England, this practice is known as laissez-faire. It replaced the American Economic System, an economic system found by Henry Carey. The American economy is in harmony with those other Laws of Nature and Nature’s God found in the Declaration of Independence. (Click)

As seen, the colonists won the military aspects of the Revolutionary War. But, they lost the political aspects of this war to England. The success by England informs us that many colonists died in vain. But, there was another loss to the United States This other loss is the loss of the founder’s mandate for a self government. Today, this self-government was replaced by a government operated by a two-party political system and many Washington lobbyists.

My scientific proof of God shows that the evolutionary theory and the laissez-faire economic theory are false theories. Isn’t it time to change the US government back to what it was?


  • At 7:53 AM, Anonymous Günther Schmidt said…

    Adam Smith studierte ab seinem 14. Lebensjahr von 1737 bis 1740 an der Universität Glasgow und besuchte Vorlesungen von Francis Hutcheson, der ihn sowohl in seinen philosophischen als auch ökonomischen Überlegungen beeinflusste.

    Glasgow zeichnete sich zu dieser Zeit durch einen ökonomischen Aufschwung aus und diente Smith später auch als Objekt seiner ökonomischen Beobachtungen. Sein guter Abschluss im Jahr 1740 brachte ihm ein Stipendium, das ihm ein weiteres Studium ermöglichte.

    Was haben Sie dazu zu sagen, Herr Shollenberger?

  • At 10:42 AM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    response to gunther schmidt,

    Translation::Adam Smith studied from his 14-th year from 1737 to 1740 at the university of Glasgow and visited lectures of Francis Hutcheson who influenced him in his philosophical as well as economic considerations.

    Glasgow distinguished itself at this time by an economic impetus and served Smith later also than object of his economic observations. His good end in 1740brought him a scholarship which allowed another study to him.

    What have you to say in addition, Mr. Shollenberger?

    I say that the world's economists have misinterpreted Adam Smith. Smith was against building England into a "trading" nation because the diversiy of manufactures will be reduced.

    Smith and I are against free trade.Free trade must be limited to the 'wants' of a nation. Thus, free trade should not apply to the 'needs' of a nation.

    Laissez-faire is a game. It is 'a game amongst the rich class.'



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